4 hour web support package

Secure our availability to support your team with site updates, improvements, and new features.

$ 500.00 for 1 year

Ideal for small businesses, we provide professional assistance with managing WordPress websites, coordinating site updates, adding new features, and assisting your organization on an ongoing basis.

This package is suitable for:

Basic websites under 10k / users per month

Secure our availability to assist with supporting your web presence.

Expertise we can provide:

  • Web development
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing strategy
  • Statistical analysis
  • Team training

What is a support package?

Support packages are pre-purchased blocks of time which expire 12 months after purchase date. Updates, new features, and training are billed to the 15 minute mark rather than rounding to the nearest hour. An update on remaining time including detailed notes can be requested at any time.