1 year managed basic hosting

Let us coordinate and manage hosting for your WordPress website

$350.00 / year

Our basic hosting package is provided by SiteGround and includes the basic requirements to host a WordPress website at an affordable price.

This package is suitable for:

Affordable hosting for basic WordPress websites

Get the most out of your hosting! Let us help with maintaining your hosting solution to maximize the performance and security features offered at Site Ground.

Managed hosting tasks

  • Initial setup including server account, WordPress install, and DB config
  • Server-side domain configuration & redirects
  • Managing any required updates to DNS records at domain provider
  • Maintaining subscription to SSL certificates
  • Monitoring and managing any server-side software updates such as PHP & SQL
  • Setting up any sFTP users required

Hosting features

  • Free SSL certificates across multiple domains
  • Affordable for small-business and non-profit

Our Role

Our strategy with offering hosting is to ensure we have the development tools and server support to provide consistent and reliable web development services. We do not markup (or “resell”) hosting services, and only charge for our time managing these services on your organizations behalf.

Account ownership

We’re happy to setup your hosting account at Site Ground on your behalf as an independent account, or within our group account (which is slightly cheaper).