Security monitoring and reporting

Keeping your website secure over the long term is essential

$ 500.00 for 1 year

Work with an experienced team that will monitor and proactively address emerging security updates across the domain, website and email.

This package is suitable for:

Essential for high-volume websites or organizations experiencing issues with security, spam, and malware

Over the course of the year we will manage the following aspects of your website security.

Security services and deliverables

  • Reviewing server logs and identifying any malicious traffic on a quarterly basis
  • Creating server-side and DNS-side rules to prevent unwanted traffic from reaching the website
  • Resolving emerging issues with SPAM and malware
  • Managing subscriptions to SSL keys (https://)
  • Managing Sucuri setup, reporting and services
  • Managing DNS filtering and server side security configuration
  • Monitoring user setup and security across critical access points
  • Coordinating regular password cycling across key accounts
  • Addressing ongoing security recommendations from the hosting team

This yearly service includes up to 4 hours of time to manage the above security deliverables.

Protect your website

Ensure your website stays open for business! Securing your website is essential, which means putting protection in place to keep out hackers, bugs, and other online nasties. Otherwise, your data could be at risk, your site could crash, or your site could lose key rankings in Google.