WordPress plugin & theme subscription management

We can help keeping your subscriptions and 3rd party systems updated and working smoothly

From: $250.00 for 1 year

Let us help manage your websites 3rd party licences and subscriptions ensuring all web components stay up to date, secure, and tested.

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This package is suitable for:

Organizations with licenced WordPress software, API integration, or 3rd party software

Over the course of the year we will manage, renew, update, and test any premium WordPress plugins, themes, or 3rd party integrations being used in the site.

Plugin and theme management includes:

  • Organizing the yearly subscriptions to plugin, themes and online fees into a single organized invoice for the team’s reference
  • Maintaining serial numbers, CC information and activation across all subscription based components
  • Coordinating with reservation, POS, e-commerce and transaction providers to ensure the website follows the newest code practices
  • Regularly testing connectivity with external systems

Please note, the cost of this service does not include the cost of the 3rd party licensing or subscription itself.

Ensure your web software is licensed

Maintaining 3rd party licensing and paid software subscriptions is a critical aspect of keeping any website current, secure and working smoothly. Updates to software dependencies often require reviewing software documentation and making adjustments to the website to accommodate.